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Discussion two

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Discussion Questions Part Two (please answer using the comment mode)


  • Hi-

I will post each week's discussion questions in each forum such as we see in this posting! Please do not work more than two weeks in advance. It is important that you read all postings from others in the class. It is through these discussions that we will interpret and learn from the readings and each other. Where possible, please use details found in the readings to help explain your position.


This week we have two questions to discuss (with sub-parts, of course ;-)


  • Question 1:


Choose one of the four main areas discussed in "Online Pursuits" (Communication, Information, Financial, or Hobby/Entertainment) and answer the following questions:


what demographic groups seem to participate most in this activity (and why)

how do you personally participate in this aspect of Internet use

is this area expected to grow - in what ways - and why



  • Question 2:


List five ways in which the Internet has become part of your everyday life, explaining how you had used other methods to accomplish those activities in the past. (for example, we all are taking this class online rather than commuting to a classroom, I use the 'net for news rather than watching the 6pm news on tv, etc.) Discuss in what ways the Internet is superior to what you did before (presuming you wouldn't have changed to Internet use for this activity if it were not better for you in some way). Finally, propose three uses of the Internet that you believe will significantly increase in the next three years and why.


Don't forget to respond to other comments and engage in the discussion via the comment mode.




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