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Discussion one

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Discussion Questions Part One (please answer using the comment mode)


  • Welcome!


In this first week, we are to read the background material about how the Internet functions so that we all have a shared understanding of the basics of the technology. And, we are post an introduction of ourselves and the way in which we use the Internet in this discussion forum.


  • So, here's my introduction:

I am Ray (not Dr.; not Professor, please). I enjoy my work, also bicycling along country roads in rural Illinois.


I began teaching at the University of Illinois in Urbana in 1971. I came to the Springfield campus in 1977 as an assistant professor. In 1984 I founded the Television Office which I directed until 1997. At that time I took on the challenge to initiate online learning at UIS - and founded the Office of Technology-Enhanced Learning. I continue my work at OTEL and teaching online.


I publish three blogs daily.


Online Learning Update

Techno-News Blog

Educational Technology


I also publish a photo blog.




I use the Internet dialy: for teaching, for researching, for publishing, and for communicating. Our OTEL staff and I often make speeches, presentations and publish papers on topics related to online learning - if you are really bored you can find those in my vitae.


I look forward to our semester together!




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at 3:28 pm on Jun 3, 2006

This is a sample response. It is in this mode that students would place their responses. If they exceed the 2,000 character limit, they would simply open up another comment.


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